A lightweight Python wrapper for the IG Markets API. Simplifies access to the IG REST and Streaming APIs.

What is it?

IG Markets provides financial spread betting and CFD platforms for trading equities, forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds, rates, options and more.

IG provide APIs so that developers can access their platforms programmatically. Using the APIs you can get live and historical data, automate your trades, or create apps. For details about the IG APIs please see their site:

NOTE: this is not an IG project. Use it at your own risk


A number of dependencies in this project are marked as ‘optional’, this is by design. There is a brief explanation in this FAQ item.

For full details, see pyproject.toml


This is an open source project, maintained by busy volunteers in their spare time. It should make it easier and quicker for you to use the IG APIs. However, it is not a support resource for users of the IG APIs. IG have their own support site, and an API support team.

If you have a problem when using this library, please think carefully about the likely cause. If it is:

  • a bug in this library
  • a request for a feature
  • missing or confusing documentation

then please create an issue. See the guidance notes here.

For anything else, please use the documentation and tools provided by IG


Contributions are welcome. We use automated formatting, linting and testing so please make your code passes the tests, see here. And ideally, write some tests for the new code or feature.




Created by Femto Trader, Lewis Barber, Sudipta Basak, Andy Geach

Maintained by Andy Geach